Ban Tracking & Management

Record Management

Bans are recorded by the system the moment they are made.

Ban Protesting (New)

Players who have been banned are now able to fill out a form to protest the ban. When a ban protest is submitted, both the admin and the player receive an email, and the admin is then instructed to either uphold or overturn the ban they made.


Bans made from any server in the system will be seamlessly replicated to all game servers. Ban lists are updated on each map change, and can be configured to update sooner if desired.

Historical View

A ban made on a player can be saved forever. Any admin will be able to lookup any bans made on a player, no matter how far back it was made.

Expunge Bans

Was a person banned by accident? By giving select admins the ability to expunge a ban, the ban will no longer show when that player is looked up. However, bans will always remain in the archives, so any accidental expunges can always be overturned.


Unbans are handled directly using MitchDB, and are synchronized across all servers in the system.

SourceMod Integration

Global Admin Setup

MitchDB allows server administrators to configure all admin permissions from a single location, and then these admin permissions will be synchronized to all servers! No longer do you have to FTP to each server to make a simple admin change.

Complete In-Game Integration

Now with SourceMod integration, commands can be run directly from the command-line. MitchDB is able to detect and also respond using an menu panel depending on the preference of the admin.

Ban Notifications

Servers using MitchDB can be configured to notify the players exactly why they were banned, and also provide them with a link to protest their ban.

Detailed Statistics

Ban Statistics

Ban information is tracked and displayed in high detail. Reports are available that show the distribution of all bans made, across months, days, hours. It also shows the bans made by each admin, as well as a detailed report of the reasons for all bans. (screenshot)

Admin Statistics

All admins are able to see detailed statistics that document the actions of other admins. Bans are tracked and recorded by month, day, hour, and reason. These statistics are all displayed on easy-to-read charts. (screenshot)

Server Statistics

Each server has three different statistics generated for it: Average player distribution over a day, Max players over the hour, and the map distribution.

Game Server Management

High Speed Download Mirror

MitchDB provides clients the ability to utilize our high-speed download servers to upload custom game content such as maps/sounds/models, etc. Players then are able to start playing much faster, without lagging any other players. (screenshot)

Central Admin Setup

Do you have many different servers? Hate having to copy over a configuration file to all your servers? Let MitchDB do all the work for you. You can setup permissions using our web-based system and then have all configurations synchronized over to all servers. (screenshot)


Clan Membership Management

Maintain a Current Member List

No more do members and admins need to search through multiple rosters to confirm the membership of a player. Members are added to the system using their Steam ID. If a player does not have either of those, they can be added on the roster, however they will not be colored. (This is mainly used by LAN Café players.)

Automatic Roster

MitchDB also allows admins to set the ranks of members. These ranks are then copied to a roster that can be linked to on the clan website. This will allow players and members to always see a current roster of the clan with accurate ranks.

In-Game Verification

Have you ever had to leave game in order to verify that someone was actually a member? Say good-bye to those days with MitchDB! Now, admins are able to issue a simple command from in-game and MitchDB will return the rank and membership status of the requested player — giving you immediate verification of the membership status of a player.

Player Management


Players can be quickly searched using a variety of different information. Players can be found using any name ever used, Steam ID, or any IP address on record for that player.

Color Coding

Color coding of player names on all pages allows admins to quickly see if a player is an admin, a member, a recruit, previously banned, or currently banned. (screenshot)

Live Import

Players are added to the system as soon they join a server. This means that you will always be able to see exactly who is on all of your servers at any given point in time.

LAN Café Flagging

Admins are able to quickly see if a player is playing from a LAN café. This can be used to check members who do play at a LAN café, and should not be seen as "imposters".

Detailed Player Information

Information is one of the most powerful weapons any admin has in their command. Using MitchDB, admins are able to easily view all information that is available for that player. This information includes all bans, names, IP addresses, and membership status of that player. (screenshot)

Recruitment System

Preliminary Authorization

Recruits can be denied before ever needing any human intervention. Players who have prior bans on the system can optionally be denied from completing a join form until the bans have been expunged from the system.

Automatic Holds

Any recruit that is banned — no matter the duration, is automatically placed on hold by the system. This flags the player in red to any recruitment officer. The officer is then able to view the reason for the ban, and can optionally clear the hold, or leave the recruit on hold.

Pre-filled Emails

Tired of sending generic emails to your recruits due to the huge number of recruits? MitchDB is the solution for you! Recruitment officers can now create emails using variables. These variables can later be automatically filled in to create a personalized email for each recruit.

Email Records

Not sure if you sent a recruit an acceptance letter? Never worry about double sending — or worse, forgetting to send at all! MitchDB gives you a clear log of each email you have sent to each recruit, and shows you the date that the email was sent out to the recruit.

Detailed Information

Any user with access to MitchDB is able to view the form that the recruit submitted when he/she requested to join the clan. This information is saved even after the player becomes a member of the clan. This allows admins to go back and view a history of any player.

Web-based Account Management

Advanced Permissions

Clan leaders and administrators can set highly specific permissions for each user who has access to MitchDB. Each section of the website can be restricted to certain users, and users can have specific abilities in each section as well.

Universal Access

Because MitchDB is a web-based system, it can be access from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. This lets admins manage their servers without ever needing to join the game or load up any installed administration tools.

Cloud Infrastructure

By leveraging a cloud-based infrastructure, we are able to minimize downtime to ensure that MitchDB is always available.

Note: This list is constantly being updated, so check back often!